Led Module At A Very Cheap Price –Various Categories And Sizes Of Led Modules

Introduction to LED Modules

LED modules are the multiple components that are integrated to form a single module on a PCB or MCPCB that is an abbreviation for metal core printed circuit board. They offer a reliable and effective approach to incorporating LED lighting into other items and installations.

The following is a list of benefits associated with the application of LED Module Wholesale on vehicles:

LED modules offer several advantages over other types of lighting:LED modules offer several advantages over other types of lighting:

– **Energy Efficiency** – LEDs are known to have an efficiency level of over 80% of the energy they use being converted to light while only about 20% is dissipated as heat unlike other lighting forms. This is because it saves electricity costs over the period of time more comprehensively.

– **Long Lifespans** – It is believed that quality LEDs can last for a lifetime or 50,000 hours or more with a thermal management of 11 years at 10 hours daily usage. This saves more money and time which would have been used to replace the damaged or worn out items regularly.

– **Weather Resistance** – Because of the absence of glass or filaments in the construction of LEDs, the devices have higher resistance to shock, pressure as well as weather influences.

– **Design Flexibility** – LED modules and its constituents comes in different form factors such as shapes, sizes, colors and light distributions. This makes custom lighting solutions that could not be existing before possible.

– **Environmentally safe – No use of hazardous components such as mercury or lead. RoHS compliant modules are also recyclable modules This means that they can be recycled when they are no longer useful as required by the RoHS directive.

This page aims to provide you with an overview of the types of LED modules that we have available for use.

We stock thousands of LED modules at our warehouse facility and offer various LED lighting form factors:We stock thousands of LED modules at our warehouse facility and offer various LED lighting form factors:

LED Strip Light Modules 

Known as versatile LED strips, these are thin and long strips that consist of LED elements positioned along the strip. They are usually designed with peel off backs to affix on surfaces and are malleable in a way that they can curve round curves and angles. They are easy to install and are sometimes equipped with connectors/extensions. Used for sign boards, lighting below shelves or cabinets, corner lighting, decoration etc.

![LED Strips]

LED Panel Light Modules

Cast light on the objects in a uniform and widespread manner on their surface area. Arrangements of closely packed square or rectangular molecular profiles containing LED chips that are extremely small. Level of brightness as given by the Fluorescent Panel Lighting. Start from the tiny ones to large aluminum ones with acceptable thermal properties. Often used in office spaces and rooms for natural light.

![LED Panel Lights]

COB LED Modules

COB stands for Chip-On-Board. These are where the LED chips are placed directly on a PCB without the use of a package. Single high power light source – the light source is a single lamp, which should be powerful enough to light the room and her face. They are commonly employed in spotlights and tracking lighting. It also makes them usable in panels and tubes that require high lumen density as well as in applications where a broad emitting surface is desired. 


LED Display Modules

A type of LEDs that can be programmed, placed in rows and columns for displays such as text, graphics, marquees and other features and are usually made of smaller individual units of LED such as 8×8 PCBs connected in a single assembly. The pitch size of such screens oscillates between 3mm and 20mm when used for even larger formats.  

However, it is important to understand the benefits of sourcing LED modules from us to enable us to meet your needs accordingly.

As a reputable LED lighting distributor and module supplier business for over 10 years, customers can expect exceptional service when sourcing LED modules from us in bulk quantity:As a reputable LED lighting distributor and module supplier business for over 10 years, customers can expect exceptional service when sourcing LED modules from us in bulk quantity:

Large Inventory Readily Available 

– Our large warehouse currently contains more than 10000LED module SKUs that are ready for shipping.

High Quality Products 

– We conduct a rigorous due diligence check on all suppliers and also try out the products before purchasing them.

Order Convenience  

– For more information of the products and to order online visit our eCommerce site

Volume Discounts

– Huge quantity orders can be qualified for the company. 

Domestic Support 

– Our own sales and support staff in Delhi have reported that these qualities are true and that they have observed these behaviours in other people.

Improved cost structures for LED modules: The cost structure of LED modules is positively influenced by various factors such as improved production processes and increase in scale of production.

Since we are not a manufacturer of LED modules, we can offer competitive prices with extremely low overhead and large production partners. Please feel free to contact us for bulk orders, wholesale or check our [LED Module Store] for our current prices. 

Whether you require a few strips to install under the kitchen counter or you are planning to execute a large project that requires 500 panels to light up your office complex, we have it in stock and can provide it for a cheaper price than market price.

COB and other LED module costs are witnessing a gradual decline in the current years due to technological advancements which means that it is more reasonable to replace current lighting. This will come with much better quality of light and less power consumption and consequently will be a big plus in the costs of electricity.


LED technology and products related to lighting are still in development and are improving constantly. For those of you here who have been discouraged by high prices of quality LED modules in the past, please browse through our updated range and I assure you, you will be very positively surprised. The LED chips in our LED modules are the highest efficacy LED chips; the thermal management of the modules is exceptional and their costs are competitive hence the productivity per dollar of the modules is the highest.

Contact us on the details provided below and we will forward to you our range of solutions with reference to performance, lifespan and cost likely to be incurred.

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